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How Schoneveld Breeding made knowledge more accessible and engaging for their workforce with Motimate a Kahoot! Company

Schoneveld Breeding

Established in 1930, Schoneveld Breeding is an award-winning plant breeding company operating worldwide, producing flowering plant seeds that they export to 35 countries globally. The company, based in Wilp, the Netherlands, currently has 176 employees.

The challenge

With many employees working seasonally, Schoneveld Breeding needed a knowledge database that could help onboard new staff quickly and effectively, while also making training more engaging and accessible to employees when they need it. 

The solution

Christina Klein Hofmeijer, HR Manager, first discovered Motimate while working at her previous company. When she started in her role at Schoneveld Breeding and saw the need for a more robust onboarding and training solution, she knew Motimate was the right choice.

Once set up on the platform, they began creating Motis, with the goal of giving everyone access to at least five Motis when they download the app. Christina’s team collaborated with the team leaders to determine what type of learning experiences were needed, and so far they have developed 30 Motis to support employees through onboarding as well as ongoing training and reviewing key work instructions.

Schoneveld Breeding 2

The results

Schoneveld Breeding’s welcome and onboarding Motis have been a great success, helping new hires make a smooth transition into the company and their roles. “It’s very valuable for people when they start here, especially for seasonal workers,” Christina told us. “They come in, and it’s a big building, it’s quite impressive, and they think, ‘Okay, where should I go? Who do I talk to?’ To be able to lower the threshold, to be able to make people feel more welcome, that’s so valuable.”

With the Motimate app, they have made training accessible, putting knowledge at employees’ fingertips without the need to navigate complex software. The gamified experience of Motis has also made training more fun and inspiring, creating a more engaged culture of learning across the workforce.

“I knew what I could do with Motimate and what the possibilities were, and there was just no way that other companies could compare with the user friendliness, the gamification, and keeping it lighthearted. Not even close.”

Christina Klein Hofmeijer, HR Manager at Schoneveld Breeding