Today, I want to invite you all to celebrate with us as we mark an exciting milestone for Kahoot!: our 10th anniversary! Ten years ago this month, Kahoot! was presented at SXSW EDU before formally launching in September 2013. The journey had begun, and where it’s taken us since has been nothing short of awesome.

Kahoot! began as a small but passionate team with a vision to build the largest learning platform in the world. Over the next ten years, we grew from a popular quiz tool to a global platform for learning and engagement. After hosting hundreds of millions of kahoot sessions, we are now closing in on 10 billion non-unique participants since launch. Kahoot! has become a go-to solution for schools and universities, companies, families, students and lifelong learners everywhere, and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Learning has changed a lot in the past 10 years, and we’re proud to see how Kahoot! innovations have helped shape this transformation and enable educators and learners worldwide to co-create the future of learning. 

Let’s take a look at 10 ways we have made learning awesome together!

1. Game-based digital learning, now at your fingertips 

When we launched in 2013, Kahoot! was one of the first digital platforms to enable educators, corporate trainers, and social hosts to bring engagement to learning for an entire group of learners—instantly! We quickly saw viral growth, both because people were having a blast playing Kahoot! and because we designed our product to be accessible and inclusive. Educators at all levels of tech skill could master Kahoot!’s user-friendly experience, it could be played on low-bandwidth internet, and of course, Kahoot! always has been and always will be free for teachers and students. Over the years, as the EdTech ecosystem has become more complex, we’ve made digital learning even more streamlined by integrating with services like Google Classroom, PowerPoint, and more.

2. Every voice counts with Kahoot!

When you play Kahoot!, it doesn’t matter if you’re the talkative type or feeling shy. Your voice matters! With inclusivity as one of our core values, we designed Kahoot! to level the playing field for learners and empower everyone to participate. No matter who you are, if you know the answers, you can end up at the top of the podium! Since launch, we’ve made the Kahoot! experience even more inclusive with features like Read Aloud and supporting 18 languages. Different game modes and question types enable learners to show their knowledge in a variety of ways, while brainstorming and polling features make it easy for anyone to express opinions and share ideas.  Kahoot! has also been selected for The LEGO Foundation’s first “Play for All Accelerator” to make playful learning more inclusive for neurodiverse learners, so stay tuned for even more exciting new features and content to make learning more awesome for all!

3. Discover a universe of captivating learning content

We know that educators, corporate trainers, parents, and others are always on the lookout for content that keeps learners energized, so we made Kahoot! a one-stop shop for engaging digital learning. By enabling users to create and share kahoots in minutes, we now have over 100 million kahoots (and counting!) on the platform. You can discover content on nearly any subject under the sun, including millions of user-generated kahoots as well as curriculum-aligned content, and share your own kahoots with the world. In 2020, we took this to the next level by launching Kahoot! Academy, a global community and knowledge platform where you can explore content from Verified creators, such as educators and brands, including Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, NASA, Microsoft, the United Nations, and more. We’re also excited to be developing Kahoot! Marketplace, where educators, brands, and other content creators can share their knowledge by selling their learning content, joining the fast-growing global creator economy!

4. Creating workplace heroes 

While we started Kahoot!’s journey focused on the K-12 space, corporate leaders quickly discovered they too could spark engagement and learning among their employees. Now, Kahoot! is an award-winning solution for businesses, used in hundreds of thousands of companies, including 97% of the Fortune 500! We’ve launched a range of features tailored for businesses, including interactive presentations, courses, brainstorm and wordcloud tools, as well as integrations with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and more. For a more holistic experience, we’ve also integrated the offerings of two of our acquired brands, Motimate and Actimo. We know that learning and engagement is critical to success at work, and at Kahoot!, we see corporate teams worldwide use our solutions to engage their audience like never before.

5. We made learning awesome for the whole family

At Kahoot!, we believe that learning lasts a lifetime, so we built a platform you can learn with any time, anywhere, and at any age! Kahoot! Kids invites children to a learning playground they can take with them wherever they go, bringing together a kid-friendly Kahoot! experience and our award-winning math and reading apps by DragonBox and Poio. Older students love to study smart and play hard with Kahoot!, and young adults who grew up with Kahoot! at school want to keep playing at university, with friends and family, and at work, making Kahoot! rank as one of the coolest brands among Gen Z and Millennials. Kahoot! makes it easy to bring people together for family game nights, trivia sessions with friends, and sharing memorable moments with the ones we love most.

6. Formative assessment, now with 100% excitement!

Checking learners’ understanding during a lesson, presentation, or other teaching moment is key to making sure it’s a success. To support this, we made it easier than ever to deliver formative assessments while learners focus on climbing the leaderboard! Kahoot! enables hosts to see learners’ progress in the moment, allowing them to spot knowledge gaps and address them right away.

7. Learning across borders

At Kahoot!, we’re all about breaking down barriers to learning, including barriers of geography. Kahoot! has long been used worldwide, and an important part of our vision has been to connect people from anywhere through playful learning and interactivity. From our early days, we’ve been part of the Global Classroom movement, building digital bridges between classes and students around the world. This has only grown as more classrooms have gotten plugged into the internet. Educators are now sharing learning content with millions of other teachers and students worldwide. Kahoot! has even brought together thousands of learners across regions, countries, and globally for live virtual kahoot sessions, such as the European Money Quiz, engaging 50,000 students in learning financial literacy in 2022, a Kahoot! event connecting 5,000+ students in Canada during the pandemic, and the annual Kahoot! Cup linking thousands of students across dozens of countries since 2017. Now that’s what we call awesome learning!

8. Innovative learning experiences as unique as you are

Every learning moment is different. That’s why we made it easy to design your own learning content to meet your unique needs! While static learning content can quickly become outdated, on our app or web platform, you can create a kahoot or interactive lesson or presentation in minutes, ensuring the content will be fresh and relevant. We’ve also added a wide range of options to personalize the experience and add even more engagement, including new question types, ways to add rich media, and even customizable characters. Our new game modes—including Submarine Squad, Color Kingdom, Treasure Trove, and Chill Art—were designed with powerful pedagogy to empower student-centered learning through carefully curated arcade-like experiences learners love.

9. Inspiring learners to become leaders, one kahoot at a time 

Knowledge is like a good meal; it’s best when shared! Based on the “learners to leaders” pedagogy, we created a platform that enables learners—from students to professionals—to share knowledge with their peers and become a classroom or workplace hero. Our new Kahoot! Student passes spark student-led learning by opening access to the Kahoot! creator, while employees using Kahoot! 360 solutions create kahoots or interactive presentations to share information with co-workers in an engaging way. Learners boost their self-confidence and practice key skills like public speaking, while their peers enjoy the friendly competition and learn something new.

10. Social learning at your pace—anytime, anywhere

If you’ve hosted or participated in a kahoot, you know there’s nothing quite like the energy of a live kahoot session. However, we can’t always meet at the exact same time. That’s why we built a new feature to let users “assign” kahoots, to give people a way to share a kahoot experience at their own pace. Self-paced kahoots became a popular way to stay connected especially during the pandemic, and they’ve continued to be a go-to way to assign homework or employee training, engage an audience, gather feedback, and more. Now, you can take awesome learning with you wherever you go!

How long have you been making learning awesome with Kahoot!? What’s your favorite Kahoot! memory from the last 10 years? Share your story with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok.