Let’s celebrate this World Teachers’ Day!

Thank you teachers for helping create a community – collaborating and connecting   in hundreds of countries and regions, across thousands of schools, and for billions of players

This all-star community has helped to create and curate show-stopping sessions for live learning & play. Over the past year, we’ve shared the stage with so many awesome educators. Let’s review some of our all-star achievements!

Sharing the stage

Kahoot! Ambassadors from around the world have presented to thousands of educators sharing their best practices for making learning awesome. 

We spotlighted educators during the Kahoot! EDU Spring Meetup, who shared strategies for incorporating Kahoot! into classroom routines. During the Kahoot! EDU Summit, educators shared best practices for bringing Kahoot! to new teachers, and ways to help transition  teachers and staff to new technology. While at ISTE Live 2022 Ambassadors and Verified creators delivered over 40 live-learning sessions, sharing step-by-step processes and guides for using specific Kahoot! learning tools and features. 

Kahoot!’ers came together again in September for the annual Kahoot! EDU Fall Meetup, where participants took part in a record-breaking Color kingdoms kahoot. Experiencing first hand player-driven learning and interaction.

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Amplifying authors

Educators worked hard behind the scenes, too! Kahoot! Ambassadors and Verified creators contributed to an all-new Teacher Takeover series, sharing their first-hand experiences with Kahoot! tools and features. We learned from educators across many classroom dynamics, demographics, and diversities! Each blog post featured a student-based perspective, teacher-led tutorials, and podium-worthy stories and celebrations.

Learning continued on the Kahoot! YouTube channel, as teachers highlighted classroom use cases and students support for using Kahoot! tools. Check out the tutorial playlist for top tips with slider, drop pin, puzzle, and more!

Beta-testing pioneers

In case you missed it, many new features have been launched on Kahoot!. Teacher insights have helped design these features via beta-testing opportunities, player-testing demonstrators, and user experience interviews! We’re so thankful to have this first-hand insight from educators, and even more grateful to the students and players for sharing their questions, comments, and suggestions! Kahoot! game modes, student passes, player features, and reporting tools have all been updated and improved due to educator perspective. Thank you for making our tools even more awesome for classroom convenience!

Creative creators

The all-new creator economy, Kahoot! Marketplace, has launched worldwide! Teachers can now monetize their Kahoot! content, with seller-driven tools that enable creators to both learn and earn. Hundreds of educators have already joined the Marketplace community contributing unique and ready-to-play lesson sequences and Kahoot! experiences. Content quality is top-notch, made by teachers for teachers. We’re proud to be empowering and enabling teachers to share their brain power at a whole new level.

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Thank you!

This World Teachers’ Day we’re proud to have collaborated and partnered with school-based superheroes from around the world! We appreciate Kahoot! Teachers of Awesome both far and wide! From the Kahoot! Krew, we all say – thank you!